A Year 9 perspective

As we end the academic year 2011-2012 I say goodbye to the year 9’s as for most it is their final Food Technology lesson. I thought it would be useful for the current Year 8 to see the forthcoming challeneges from the perspective of those who have been there and done it.

The students who have written the entries below are Neha and Abi; Abi will be continuing Food Technology for GCSE.

My favourite task in food tech was snacks and scones, I enjoyed  this the most as we learnt a traditional recipe or a scone then adapted it to  make it a unique and original scone recipe according to our preference. I did a bannofee flavoured scone which was delicious. I also leant about healthier options of snacks to eat also about a healthier diet. To do this topic you need to work hard, research things appropriate to help you with your design ideas and most of all to make sure your independent when you need to be. The best thing about food tech is that throughout the year you learn to cook and work as a team and independently. Also I have learnt that you need to put a lot of detail in your evaluation to reach a high standard

By Neha 

My favourite topic we have done this year in food technology has been the summer desserts topic. In this topic we have learnt about the importance of dairy foods in our diet, and the importance of milk when making products such as sauces and custards, puddings and desserts and batters.

Our first practical consisted of making a fruit cheesecake, where we used a traditional recipe which we then adapted to make the product original and unique. We then made a layered fruit dessert with custard which was good as custard is an important staple food in desserts. 

This year I have learnt lots in food technology, although it has taken lots of hard work to keep my booklets organised and to a high quality I feel that I have made lots of progress, and plan to keep making progress as I move onto GCSE food technology.




Well done Year 9, you will be missed.

Miss Mower